The world's energy technology trend in the future and Vietnam's solution for energy technology for the next stage

On September 17th, 2020 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the World Energy Council (WEC) in Vietnam co-organized the Vietnam’s Energy Technology Forum, 2020.

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan - Senior expert, representative of the World Energy Council in Vietnam said that: The leading scientists on the field of energy  belong to the World Energy Council (WEC) conducted a survey of 100 countries around the world, in which 50% of respondents chose WATER as the most scarce resource by 2040, followed by oil, sources. Energy from fossil fuels (coal, gas…) and natural gas will also be exhausted. Along with that, electric vehicles (electric bicycles, cars and taxis,...), manufacturing machine in industries sectors, vehicles in smart cities are 3 areas will use alot of energy and will become more popular in 2040.

According to WEC's research results, more than 100 countries around the world have chosen efficiency energy using’s measures as the method that has greatest impact on energy saving by 2040 such as:

- Saving electricity in production and daily life;

- Applying emerging technology and innovation in production to save electricity;

- Applying digital and block chain technology in electricity production, power transmission and distribution. Rooftop solar battery panel, power storage devices, energy efficient devices, digital / blockchain technology will be the best technologies for us. That also have the great impact on energy consumption in the future. According to experts, energy storage will be the "game changer" for the energy industrial by 2040. Because it can handle different fluctuations of electricity demand, especially when there is a large change in the supply, electricity storage is capable of effectively harmonizing energy supply and demand. With the rapid progress of science and technology, solar panels increasingly popular and more affordable, wind energy and clean hydrogen will also contribute to the efficient energy production.

To do this, WEC consulted a series of policy solutions for investment in energy technology development in Vietnam in the coming time, as follows:

1. Along with the development of wind and solar energy, it is necessary to have mechanisms and policies to develop hydrogen energy. Hydrogen is the future and available energy source.

2. It is necessary to have mechanisms and policies to develop electric vehicles (taxis, small cars, small trucks); vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel (passenger cars, trucks, van, trains, seagoing ships, aircraft ...) because this is the trend and "game of the world” that we cannot stand out.

3. Applying technology solutions that use energy efficiently, save electricity (apply technology innovation, digital technology in production, transmission and distribution of electricity).

4. Having synchronous policies and solutions for the use of energy storage devices in electricity production and distribution also.

Regarding the development trend was assessed by WEC, planning and development of the energy sector in the coming time of Vietnam must be based on three criteria of:

Trillema: Energy security;

The right to use electricity of all people;

and Environmental Protection.

In addition, other criteria including:

No carbon;

Not locally focused, must evenly allocate energy projects to reduce transmission costs;

Application of digital (automation, AI, Blockchain ...) in energy production and electricity consumption; Developing the construction of domestic infrastructure of  intelligent electricity transmission and distribution systems towards the region and the continent; training and building a contingent of human resources for the Vietnamese energy industry from the steps of designing, constructing and operating energy projects according to international standards; Adding and completing technical standards, quality and safety regulations for energy sector base on international standards.

According to Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vietnam has been using traditional energy production technology (electricity generation from coal, oil, gas extraction, crude oil, hydropower...) , which can cause heavy environmental pollution, depletion of water resources, can cause oil spills, floods affecting agricultural production, food security and people's lives... In the future, if Vietnam has activities. Energy technology investment, innovation and innovation in accordance with the inevitable development trend of the world, forms of renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydrogen... will be clean energy sources, with prices cheap, stable, contributing to fight against climate change and protect living environment as well as sustainable economic development and energy security accordingly.

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