Introduction of “Low-Energy Elemental Reaction System” technology

In the morning of March 26th, at National Office in Southern Region – MOST, a thematic seminar was organized to introduce the "Low-Energy Elemental Reaction Systems" technology - generating electricity from low energy (water, sewage).

Attending the seminar, there were Dr. Vu Van Khiem, Director General of SROMOST; Dr. Nguyen Huu Thien, former Director General of the Directorate for Standards and Quality; Representative of State Agency for Technology Innovation and representatives of several subordinate units of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the southern region.

During the seminar, Prof. Gebhard Schueler has introduced the "Low-Energy Elemental Reaction Systems" technology of Traiton Global Company (Germany). Technology does not use oil or any others resources except for water. There is no CO2 emission and energy output capacity is about 10 to 20 times the energy input. The required area for construction is small (about 1000m2 for 100MW) and time for building plant is just about 180 days.

Prof. Schueler also said this clean and green technology is cheaper than the other technologies which also generate power. This new technology has been certified for quality in Germany in 2014. Currently, the Traiton Global Co. has been deployed a number of projects to build power plants in countries around the world using this technology such as in Kosovo, Germany, Montenegro, Dominican, Philippines, ... with capacity from 10MW to 150 MW.

Stated in the seminar, Director General of SROMOST - Vu Van Khiem highly appreciated the technology "Low-Energy Elemental Reaction Systems" and hoped this new technology will be suitable for Vietnam. At the same time, he suggested that all relevant units of SROMOST will collaborate, continue to exchange information with Prof. Gebhard Schueler about this new technology in order to have basis to report and ask for further direct from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Source: National Office in Southern Region

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